• Fire Protection Services in New York City, NY

    Master Fire Mechanical is a full-service fire prevention company that provides fire protection services in New York City, NY. We have been providing the highest quality of commercial mechanical services in New York City at fair and competitive prices for over four decades.

    We thrive on providing our New York area customer service with the highest degree of excellence, integrity, and innovation while maintaining the trust that allows us to build lasting relationships.

    As a leader in the New York City fire prevention, fire suppression, and fire protection services industry, our focus is on being a single call solutions provider specializing in the planning, design, fabrication, and installation of fire protection and fire suppression systems. When it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation and exhaust systems NYC restaurant owners call Master Fire. When business owners need fire sprinkler systems in manufacturing plants, auto dealerships, churches, and schools, our architects and mechanical engineers design fire protection, fire prevention, and fire suppression systems from concept to completion that are customized to every facility. They will detect, then immediately respond to fire conditions ensuring the safety of occupants and resulting in minimal damage to your facility.

    While we are mindful of our customers’ budget considerations, we don’t cut corners and take the long view – that every one of our best in breed systems is designed with optimal energy use as a primary consideration. We strive to be ergonomic in our design methods thereby saving our customers money in the long run. The fire safety solutions we design and build do this along with air handling efficiency that protects people, property, and their environments from the harmful and destructive effects of fire and smoke.

    Master Fire Mechanical specializes in helping architects, building owners, businesses and developers in evaluating and meeting their buildings’ life safety and property protection goals With unrivaled attention to detail and knowledge of the way things are supposed to work, Master Fire Mechanical has a broad range of knowledge and experience that enables us to respond to the particular needs of each client, regardless of job size in the most effective way.